Climate Accounting & Disclosure

Accounting for Climate Change

Our Insights

Industrial carbon emissions do not create themselves. They are produced by long-lived, tangible assets.

Many of these carbon intensive assets are encumbered by large, unfunded liabilities for “asset retirement obligations (AROs).” To achieve Net Zero emissions it will be necessary to replace trillions of dollars of fossil fuel assets (hydrocarbon reserves, oil and gas wells, offshore platforms, pipelines, terminals, and refineries) with low/no carbon assets and to pay trillions more to extinguish the industry’s environmental debt. The oil industry is facing forced early retirement without a pension. It’s closing time.. Who will pay the bill?

How We Help Clients

Climate Accounting

We help financial institutions account for climate change by integrating environmental factors into traditional financial accounting and analysis using our Carbon QuotientTM climate risk measurement system.

Asset Retirement Obligations

We help oil producing states and capital markets measure oil and gas asset retirement obligations and mitigate ARO acceleration and orphan well risk.

Governance Litigation

We help institutional investors and securities lawyers identify and redress environmental and climate-related securities fraud and failed corporate governance.

Our People

Greg Rogers


Greg Rogers, J.D., CPA, is a practitioner-scholar in environmental law and accounting for climate change. He wrote the seminal desk book on financial reporting of environmental liabilities and risks. In addition, Greg is a Senior Advisor to the Carbon Tracker Initiative and a Fellow and Advisor to the Master of Accounting Program at Cambridge Judge Business School. He worked as an advisor to BP and its auditors Ernst & Young on liability estimates and disclosures arising from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. He has consulted/testified as an expert in environmental and climate-related litigation.

Greg sees things differently, literally.  Rendered legally blind as a child from an infection in the optic nerve of both eyes, he navigates the world using a miniature telescope built in to his eyeglasses.  Though visually impaired, he often sees what others miss.

Contract Greg at For more, see Greg’s LinkedIn profile, follow the Eratosthenes company page, learn more about Carbon Quotient, and join the LinkedIn Group on climate-related financial disclosure.