We help clients anticipate the future and develop strategies that reduce enterprise risks and increase profits.

Optimizing enterprise strategy under conditions of extreme uncertainty requires analysis of potential financial performance under a wide range of future scenarios.

How we help:

Large, global insurance companies, banks, insurers, investment managers, and pension funds as well as non-financial firms today use robust modeling and
optimization systems to reduce enterprise risks and increase profits. We help clients adapt these existing systems to address climate-related risks and opportunities.



We help clients engage with financial markets to build confidence in the company’s strategic direction and long-term growth prospects.

Investors need sufficient information to assess the credibility of firms’ climate strategy and their ability to execute it.

What we do:

Neither the use of scenario analysis to develop a climate-resilient organizational strategy nor the public disclosure of scenario-based financial information is common practice today. We help clients translate their climate strategy into financial disclosure that builds trust in the company’s strategic direction and long-term growth prospects.



We help boards engage on climate strategy and build assurance that climate-related objectives will be met.

Active board engagement in climate strategy and oversight signals to fund managers a firm’s ability to create resilient long-term value.

How we help:

The dominant market share of index funds is driving a transformation in investor fiduciary responsibilities and corporate governance. Index fund managers want firms to publicly articulate their strategic framework for long-term value creation—taking into account broad, structural trends such as climate change—and explicitly affirm that the board has reviewed it.

We advise boards and directors on emerging climate-related governance issues and best practices.

Let us help you turn environmental risk into financial opportunity.